Seal the Gaps with Apollo Bio Seal

As drysuit divers, our goal is to keep water out of our suit. Most drysuits fit well enough to accomplish this. However, if you’re like me, I have a super slender neck...

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Put the POW in Dive Gear Cleaning. Get Pau Pilau.

You know it and I know it – even practicing regular cleaning, your wetsuit, drysuit, undergarments, hoods and gloves can stink over time.  You can wash, enzyme, hang...

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BOOK REVIEW: The Basics of Rebreather Diving, by Jill Heinerth

If you ever think about diving a rebreather, renown rebreather instructor Jill Heinerth‘s book The Basics of Rebreather Diving offers you the best insurance against having...

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At ScubaGadget, we review all things scuba, including gear, travel, dive sites and more.  An independent online publication, we provide accurate, insightful and interesting information about the world of scuba. We pay for our own trips, buy our own gear, and pay for dives. This allows us to make unbiased opinions about what we see and experience. Our goal is to present the reader with facts and opinions that enable you to make informed decisions about the gear you decide to buy, the places you decide to go, and the kind of dives you want to make.

Editor: John McKenzie

Travel Editor: Chaela Sumner

Team Mascots: Rory and Tiernan, our two Abyssinian cats

Other Contributors include:

Sandy Stem

Robert Stem

Jerry Henkins

Pamela Van Gulpen

Cindy Ross

Glen Grant

Mark Ryan

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Scuba Gadget

Editor: John McKenzie

Travel Editor: Chaela Sumner

Created and owned by Sumner McKenzie, Inc.

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Ways to Join the ScubaGadget Team


You can become known as an expert in the field. Or maybe you already are. In either case, we’re looking for divers interested in writing for Scubagadget.  Submit info about news, equipment, gear, travel and more.  Your name, bio and a link to your web site will appear in your byline.

Street Team

Our street team helps by finding news, researching articles, testing equipment, and promoting ScubaGadget.

If you are interested, contact John at or call 360-881-0274.

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